Affiliated With
University of Cambridge
Affiliated With
The Aga Khan University
Authorized Education Centre
A Sister Concern of AES
Techincal Institute of Professional Development for Women
Permanent Member of
Permanent Member of
Teachers Resourc Center
Permanent Member of
Spelt Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers




Education is the key to many things; improved self-esteem, greaterself-fulfillment, an expanded knowledge base and general interests. This personal growth can then be used to improve job prospects, opportunities or could result in total career changes. However, the difficulty for most mums is finding the time to give their children the best in education, not the lack of interest or motivation. Creating time between work, household responsibilities, and our social lives seems an impossible task.


Teachers and staff of the AES School, are here to give your child all the attention and affection that she deserves!


By honoring us with their prestigious names, they have strengthened our determination and commitment of taking the education principles and policies to greater heights of maturity. Therefore agreeing with our teaching standards and practices. It has helped us to prove our metal in the education field and also helped us to pursue our goals and objectives.


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