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Abdul Qadir Amin

Many factors influence students in their choice of college or course , and the prospectus is surely one of these. I trust that with in these pages you will find much to stimulate your interest and that you will want to visit us to find out more about our expanding activities.


This prospectus introduces you to TIPD-Technical Institute of Professional Development For Women. Here you will find high quality teaching in an exceptionally pleasant environment. Our courses cover both traditionally popular subjects and less usual ones, some of which you may find at TIPD only. You probably already know the subject you want to pursue for a Degree or Diploma but if some doubts remain, then these less common courses are certainly among those you should consider. Think hard, and now, about exactly what you want of your degree. Would you prefer to follow an essentially vocational path which prepares you for certain specific careers?


Many of our courses will meet this kind of need and lead you to the highest reaches of your chosen profession. Or do you want a degree which educates you more generally for a board range of possible careers. Again we can provide abundantly for this approach which ever route you choose to follow, our aim will be to see that you are well educated in addition to being well trained.


We see it is our responsibility to help equip you for a life which is rewarding in all senses. The world of work which you will enter when you leave TIPD will be highly competitive one of rapid changes. We therefore aim to make you both self-confident and flexible so that you are enabled to realize your true potential.


We do ask that you come motivated and committed. We will provide teaching, help, advice and encouragement. We shall think of you as part of us not only during the years of your course but permanently thereafter we shall want your years with us to be both happy and productive ones.


Abdul Qadir Amin
University of Leicester, UK

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